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厦门展宸贸易有限公司是一家拥有20多年石材进出口业务经验的综合性的公司, 作为厦门专业的石材制造商和出口商,我们团队主攻工程方向,承接了国内外多个标志性工程建筑,如新加坡国立大学,能登航空港,法国地铁7、8、9,12,13号线车站,日本国会大厦,韩国三星集团总部会议中心,德国农业部大楼外墙,厦门火车站,厦门集美北站,厦门眼科中心,厦门闽南大戏院等诸多重要工程。 我们拥有专业的采购团队,在国内环保控制原料紧缺的情况下,我们的采购员依然能够凭借多年经验选择最优质的原料及最优惠的价格,意在使每位客户能够与我们长期合作。 此外,我们还特别指派经验丰富的质检员到所有的工厂对生产过程进行严格的检验与监督。良好的后勤服务也是整个业务当中的关键环节,我们将努力保证我们的服务质量。目前,公司的业务已扩展到了欧洲、澳洲、中东、南美及北美、日本、韩国及东南亚市场,以优质的产品及良好的服务长期赢得了广大客户的好评与赞赏。 当前,全球经济在不断变化中,我们将产品质量、优质服务、科学管理放在首位,结合行业内的先进技术与引进高素质专业人才,不断开发各种高品质的产品,努力寻求稳定的长期合作伙伴,希望能够与之建立双赢的业务关系,共同成长,共谋发展。 厦门展宸,永远是您值得信赖的伙伴!

Xiamen GEMSTONE Trading Co., Ltd is an integrative corporation which leads by an excellent team who has over 20 years experience of import and export stone business, and with rapid development, it has steadily become one of the leading suppliers of stone trade in mainland of China. As one of the professional stone manufacturer and exporter in Xiamen, our strong point is project. We did lots of landmark buildings in domestic market and overseas market. E.g. railway station in Pairs, Parliament Building of Japan, National University of Singapore, convention centre of Samsung group in Korea, Xiamen railway station in China and etc. We have a professial purchase team for service. In the case of shortage of raw materials for domestic environmental protection control, our purchasers are still able to choose the best quality material and the best price based on years of experience, aiming to enable each customer to cooperate with us for a long time. Moreover we assign experienced inspectors in all the factories which we ordered, rear service is also a key link in whole business, and we apply ourselves to ensuring service quality. We have enjoyed pertinent and solid reputation in the business field for high quality products and best service by all of our customers, so that our business extending to Europe, Aussie, the Middle East, North and South America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia market. Nowadays the global economic is changeable, based on our efficient service and strict management, we are confident that we are able to build win-win business relationship, this is a big chance for our common development, we are look forwarder to the stable partners that are also interested in establishing fruitful cooperation for the long-term business relationship with us. Xiamen gemstone company will always be the trustworthy partner!